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To our respected partners,

This week we are excited to welcome the first external Staffing firm to the HireVibes network, EM Talent Consulting.

EM Talent provides customizable talent strategy, recruiting, and talent management coaching services for early-stage technology, financial services, blockchain, and cybersecurity startups in the San Francisco and New York Metropolitan areas.

Having previously worked with leading brands like Bitgo, Ebay and Intuit, EM Talent are now sourcing for a number of roles across DeFi, Software Engineering, Product Design and Business Development. You can apply and refer to these open positions now on HireVibes — and if you’re successful, a 1.5% reward in digital currency is up for grabs!

This new addition to HireVibes marks the first phase of HireVibes 2.0 rollout.

The minimum referral reward that hirers are required to set has been reduced from 6% down to 3% to accommodate the on-boarding of recruitment agencies. The competition for talent is ever-increasing — HireVibes provides recruiters with a crowdsourcing solution that’s optimised for referrals and positive candidate experiences that’s not available anywhere else on the market.

With more staffing agencies and tech firms enquiring about HireVibes and with new features being rolled out, we’re looking forward to bringing you more announcements.

Until next time,

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