New HireVibes Prototype Releases, Includes Smart Contract Demo

Today we are excited to announce TWO new HireVibes prototypes. The first is an extended Jobseeker experience and an evolution of the UI. The second demonstrates our Smart Contract development. We continue to deliver on schedule per our roadmap, having released the first HireVibes prototype and HVT token in November 2018. Next year is already shaping up to be phenomenal for the whole HireVibes community, more details coming soon on 2019 partnerships.

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Thank you Rob Finch and Cypherglass for educating the world about HireVibes

Lessons learned from our first prototype

Most people don’t use Scatter! This ended up being more of a roadblock than originally anticipated. We have more interest from potential users and customers outside of the blockchain world than we realized and this ended up adding extra friction to their experience.

We are addressing this by moving Scatter to later in the HireVibes hiring process. We will continue to use Scatter only when it is necessary to interact with the EOS blockchain, such as when a Hirer offers a job to a Jobseeker, when a Jobseeker accepts or rejects a job offer, etc. More on that below.

User Prototype Update

  • Updated signup experience to make it easier for those that don’t have Scatter setup or an EOS account. We use “Magic Links” to help people signup and login easily — when you enter your email address, we’ll email you a link and on clicking that link you’ll be logged in automatically. Our prototype is now more accessible for people to explore, and gives us an opportunity to gather more feedback.
  • Messaging portal for all HireVibes users to communicate with each other. This way Hirers, Referrers and Jobseekers can be in contact and pave the way for future job applications and referrals. If you’re not logged into HireVibes, you’ll be notified by email of any messages you’ve received in the meantime, so you won’t miss a thing!
  • We’ve also added search to HireVibes. You can search for jobs based on location and keyword; keyword search includes the job role, description and company name. You can also search for Jobseekers by location and keyword, as well as their job preferences i.e. roles, locations, contract types, salary expectations, and notice periods. Usually this dataset is controlled and managed by centralized recruitment agencies, but on HireVibes, this data is managed by the users.
We use “Magic Links” to help people signup and login easily
Messaging portal — Featuring some folks from the EOS community 😉
Jobseeker search — Narrow your search by filtering

Focusing on these areas for now enables more people to use HireVibes and organize themselves to apply to jobs and, soon, to refer people to jobs — helping both the Jobseeker get closer to finding their next job and the Hirer in finding their next hire. As we’re focusing on the Jobseeker / Referrer initially through our UI, we’re developing an admin panel to support Hirers. This will be a way for Hirers to advertise their job on HireVibes with the help of the HireVibes team.

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Smart Contract Features

As mentioned above, HireVibes users will interact with the EOS blockchain around stages such as:

  • When a Hirer offers a job to a Jobseeker
  • When a Jobseeker accepts or rejects a job offer
  • When a job is closed
  • When a HVT Reward is claimed
  • When a donation is made

We’ve made a separate prototype to demonstrate aspects of our smart contracts, which feature further along in the hiring journey. The video demo below shows; proposing a job offer, rejecting a job offer (to show if a Jobseeker rejects a job offer, and if the Hirer already deposited the service fee, then the fee is refunded and the job offer is closed), accepting a job offer, and “paying” for a successful job ad.

Please note this is not the actual HireVibes UI

Also below, is a flow diagram of the steps involved in our smart contract where a Hirer creates a contract to be offered to a Jobseeker who can then accept or reject it.

Create and propose a contract >> Accept contract and be rewarded

We need your help again

Our prototypes are a great tool to learn more about our target users and how best we can make HireVibes work for them. We want to continue that learning with this version of the prototype. We ask that you play around with this user prototype and let us know about your experience in our Telegram channel or through email:

This way we can act on your feedback promptly and intake your requests. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!

Thank you

Thank you for your support, especially those that have provided feedback so far. We really appreciate it. Also, thanks to the Scatter team who have been active in keeping us updated of their plans and how they can best accommodate us and our users.

Next year is already shaping up to be a phenomenal one for the whole HireVibes community based on the plan in place and the potential of the high-profile partnerships we are currently working on.

😬🚀 Go to the HireVibes Prototype 😬🚀

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