HireVibes Airdrop and User Prototype Release

User Prototype Approach

User Prototype Features

  • Signup involves connecting Scatter which will authenticate with the EOS network. This means, users will need to setup Scatter to use HireVibes. We know Scatter is new to many, so we’re here for any questions you have.
  • If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have an EOS account or Scatter setup you’ll need to: 1) Setup Scatter 2) Generate or import key pairs 3) Create EOS account 4) Link EOS account
  • For a deeper dive on setting up Scatter and creating an EOS account we recommend this guide by EOS Go to get started:
  • Onboarding involves adding basic information of who you are to your HireVibes profile and any job preferences, later you’ll see the jobs that are important to you.
  • Job ads disclose the details of the employer as well as the minimum salary, the HVT reward (4% of the job’s pay) you could earn on successfully being hired, as well as the donation reward (1% of the job’s pay) you could earn to contribute to a good cause.
  • Each job ad describes the role in detail, and we highlight data on how many people have viewed the job ad and applied. This is where you can apply for the job (again, please note the jobs advertised in our user prototype are for demonstration purposes).
  • In a future version of HireVibes, you will be able to refer someone to the job. If the candidate you referred is hired, you’ll earn 2% of the job’s pay while another 2% goes to the successful candidate, and 1% goes to them to donate to a good cause.
  • A grid of qualified charities for you to view details of and donate to. In the future, you’ll receive a notification of how your donation was allocated. Check out our FAQ page for more information.
  • A view for you to see the HireVibes transactions you received and, later on, transactions you sent. An example of one of these transactions could be a HVT token reward for being hired successfully.
Jobs view — prototype.hirevibes.io/jobs
Donations view — prototype.hirevibes.io/donate

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