A global recruitment firm serving the fintech and blockchain market are sourcing for multiple positions for a leading innovator in the Bitcoin space.

Fintech Recruiters are the second external recruiting firm to join the HireVibes network.

The open positions range across Engineering, Finance, Marketing and Design 👇

Senior Engineering Manager — Apply or refer candidates here

Technical Product Manager — Apply or refer candidates here

Infrastructure Engineer- Apply or refer candidates here

Marketing Lead — Apply or refer candidates here

Finance Lead — Apply or refer candidates here

Designer — Apply or refer candidates here

All positions are remote based, however the US timezone is referred.

A 3% bounty in HVT / BTC is on offer for successful applications and referrals — So if you know anyone who is passionate about Bitcoin, this is an opportunity they won’t want to miss!


To our respected partners,

This week we are excited to welcome the first external Staffing firm to the HireVibes network, EM Talent Consulting.

EM Talent provides customizable talent strategy, recruiting, and talent management coaching services for early-stage technology, financial services, blockchain, and cybersecurity startups in the San Francisco and New York Metropolitan areas.

Having previously worked with leading brands like Bitgo, Ebay and Intuit, EM Talent are now sourcing for a number of roles across DeFi, Software Engineering, Product Design and Business Development. You can apply and refer to these open positions now on HireVibes — and if you’re successful…

Welcome to our quarterly update; a brief overview to keep our community in the know of all the latest progress made with launching the Beta version of HireVibes.

On the whole, it looks like we may have weathered the latest Crypto Winter ☃️

A new bull market is emerging as the whole cryptocurrency space appears to have entered a new growth cycle. …

Data privacy, data ownership and data monetization are all being aggressively remodelled in the emerging Web3 era thanks to the rise of blockchain technology. There is a shared stoic aim to give power back to the users; the data creators, and move it out of the hands of large centralised walled gardens.

Owner of the largest talent database in the world, LinkedIn made a staggering $6 billion in revenues last year which was largely generated from selling data on 500+ million users to recruitment agencies, marketing agencies and talent acquisition teams located across the world. People own and monetise their…

High performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform, Ontology, are hiring for 4 key positions located across Asia and Europe.

Headquarted in Singapore with a distributed team, Ontology recently celebrated it’s 2 year anniversary since it’s Mainnet launch.

Current openings include:

  1. Solution Architecture Manager — Applications and referrals open here.
  2. Global Marketing Manager — Applications and referrals open here.
  3. Assistant Manager — Content — Applications and referrals open here.
  4. Accountant — Applications and referrals open here.

Successful applications and referrals will share a 3% reward in HireVibes Tokens (HVT) — EOS and Bitcoin are also reward options for HireVibes community members.

In additon…

Voice, the social news platform that rewards users and content creators, have today advertised 7 Engineering positions on HireVibes, a fellow EOS.IO application that incentivises crowdsource hiring.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Voice recently announced $150 Million in funding from Block.One to grow it’s operations and build out the company’s workforce.

Current openings include:

  1. Platform Manager, Engineering — Applications and referrals open here.
  2. Platform Architect — Applications and referrals open here.
  3. DevOps Manager — Applications and referrals open here.
  4. Mobile Engineer-iOS — Applications and referrals open here.
  5. Platform Engineer — Applications and referrals open here.
  6. Front End Engineer — Applications and referrals open…

Image provided by Ashes Sitoula

At HireVibes, we regularly get asked about career advice, current market trends or how to develop a craft that provides longevity, a stable income and a sense of purpose. So we decided to compile a list of our Top 5 Career Tips to help guide you to where your heart desires.

1. Don’t find a Job — Find a Vocation

To take a leaf from Alan Watts’ book, start by asking yourself this question;

What would I like to do if money was no object?

In other words, how would you really enjoy spending your life? …

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of HireVibes Beta version, HireVibes 2.0 — which will be rolled out in two phases over Q2 & Q3 of 2020, but with a twist☺️

Phase 1: Features updates
Phase 2: HireVibes DAC launch

Macro perspective

The jobs sector has declined in recent months and has drastically shifted from a candidate’s market to a hirers market. Millions of talented people find themselves out of work, so it’s imperative to make it as easy as possible to find new opportunities and build teams using HireVibes. The following updates will be steps to enable this.

Phase 1: HireVibes 2.0 Feature Updates

The following…

HireVibes is a jobs app that makes hiring and job searching both easy, and rewarding. We are delighted to announce that as of today, a new utility is added to the HireVibes Token (HVT).

Users that stake 1.5m HVT (~$500) to the HireVibes network now have the option to receive their rewards from referring and getting hired in Bitcoin or in EOS.


Alice finds her dream job on HireVibes that’s paying $100,000. As Alice applied directly to the role (i.e. …

Survey Results

Here are the results of the small survey taken by the HireVibes community over the last week:


Web3’s opportunity network https://www.hirevibes.io/

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