5 Hires in 5 Weeks on HireVibes 🚀

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HireVibes Alpha launch began with a number of job postings spread across many industries and locations across the world. There has been a strong turnout of referrals and applications.

We announced last week via social media that we hit our first hire on HireVibes, which was a fantastic day for everyone in our community. It took only 3 weeks from the day of the job post to the day the candidate accepted the offer.

Today, we are pleased to announce that a total of 5 hires have happened on HireVibes to date. Marino Software, Wombat, and Marketcap.one filled their Project Manager; iOS Developer and Web Developer openings respectively, while HireVibes Services filled two of our own posted positions.

Here is a snapshot of the Rewards Generated:

Live since: 1 month (8/7/19)
Companies using the platform: 17— from 13 cities in 8 countries
Number of jobs live: 21— IT, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Executive
Number of jobs filled: 5
Total rewards generated: $13,712 worth of HVT broken down as;
Rewards earned for Jobseekers: $7,999 worth of HVT
Rewards generated for HireVibes Community: $3,428 worth of HVT
Rewards generated for Charity: $2,285 worth of HVT

A big thank you to all those that applied to the positions that have recently been filled, and congratulations to those that have recently been hired. There are many job posts currently listed, and many more are in the process of being added to the HireVibes Dapp over the coming weeks.

When a role is filled on HireVibes, the HVT reward is calculated and distributed to the successful job seeker, referrer, community, and charity beginning in 3 equal installments:

a) 30 days after start date

b) 60 days after start date

c) 90 days after start date

This means the first rewards will be distributed in September and will continue from there.

We had a chance to speak with both Marino Software, who was the first to fill a position listed on HireVibes, and their new hire. Here’s what this seasoned Project Management professional had to say:

It’s amazing to earn a reward of over $1500 and a Donation reward of $500+ for finding a new job.

It’s heartwarming to see where and how this money will contribute. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this.

It’s truly refreshing and encouraging to see companies put their efforts and resources into charity and where it is really needed. Absolutely brilliant.

We reached out to Marino Software, an App Design and Development Company to gather their feedback about using HireVibes, and they openly shared their experiences with us.

How was your experience using HireVibes?

Very positive — we were trying to fill this role for a number of months. Within 3 weeks of posting the job on HireVibes, we received many applicants. interviewed 4 great candidates that applied and hired one that was a great match for the role.

What were some features that you really enjoyed about the platform?

The ability to generate a sizeable donation for a charity from the hiring process is something that we really enjoyed.

Anything you would like to say to those companies curious about using the HireVibes platform?

Give it a go! The time we saved really benefited us and we found someone we are really happy with.

As you may know, a donation system is built into the HireVibes platform. Every successful hire generates a donation reward equivalent to 1% of the hired position for a supported charitable or environmental project.

Our current supported and featured charity is Humane. Humane is currently working on raising funds to upgrade a primary school for kids in Nasarawa state. Humane will be receiving a current total of $2,285 in HVT donation rewards from these first 5 hires. Here is an image of the current school:

The HireVibes Community (DAC) EOS account will be receiving $3,428 worth of HVT in installments.

HireVibes will continue to add more job openings on our site. If you are a job seeker and you wish to take a look at current job openings, please sign up at https://app.hirevibes.io.

If you have a job opening that you are hiring for and want to generate a quality shortlist of applicants within record time using HireVibes, please reach out to us at hello@hirevibes.io.

To learn more about HireVibes check out our FAQ

Thank you 🙏

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